Differences Between Egg And Egg In The Great Gatsby

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Register to read the introduction… Thats one reason that Tom doesn’t like him; its all about social class to Tom and if you are not apart of the old money social class then you are nothing. That is why there is two coast that separate the two rich social classes.
There is a difference between East Egg and West Egg. East Egg is where the “old
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While in West Egg is where “new money” wealthy people are located; they work for the money, some go to any means to get money.The people who represent each side are Tom and Daisy Buchanan (East Egg) and Jay Gatsby (West Egg).
Throughout the novel we find out that Tom was right and that Gatsby what to any means to get his wealth even if that meant he had to become a bootlegger.
Gatsby always wanted to be rich and that is usually one of the many American dreams; to be rich, America has always made it possible through hard work and commitment. But Gatsby

didn’t want to be rich to benefit himself he wanted to be rich to get a girl ; Daisy. Once he got
Daisy he knew that he would be accepted by the “old money” society because he was with someone of that class. But Daisy wasn’t one that was all about the wealth and money. She loved
Gatsby without even knowing what social class he was in when she first met him.
This is Fitzgeralds way of revealing how Americans lost their sense of trust and loyalty and integrity. The only person that came close to love was Gatsby but for him it was like loving

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