Analysis Of Jared Diamond, An Evolutionary Biologist And Biogeographer

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1. For a civilization to conquer another, not only does it require knowledge and strategy, but also the aid of geography. This is a statement that Jared Diamond, an evolutionary biologist and biogeographer, demonstrated through his thirty years of research. His theory explained how human societies differed in regards to advancement and technology as a result of the dissimilarities in their environments. This advancement and technology aided civilizations in conquering others. Such occurred with the Europeans. They had an immense advantage over other civilizations due to their ideal climate for farming. Farming in such climate allowed for productive crops. In comparison, American civilizations were at a disadvantage due to their geographical location; dry climate resulted in less productive crops. Typically, farming productive crops resulted in productive farmers, and ultimately advanced societies, as explained later. In addition, Europeans domesticated animals to provide a source of meat, milk and muscle for labour. Consequently, farming and herding resulted in food surpluses, and as a result the European population increased and specialized members came into being. Also, people had excess time to develop technology and become literate, since they no longer had to move every season as hunter-gatherers. Therefore, the Europeans advanced and developed complex societies, while other civilizations remained as they were. As a domino effect works, not long after, Europeans…

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