Analysis Of James Tate 's ' The Arctic Fox ' Essay

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My first drafts were well first drafts. Mounds of errors surrounded my papers. Misused words such as the word solidarity in the draft “The coffee perspective” and the word Nebulas in the poem “The Arctic Fox” flooded my paper. Although these errors were merely surface level, other elements were missing from my drafts. For instance, imagery and visual language were lacking in my poems, especially my first poem. Clear syntax, style, and organization were evidently lacking in my second poem. To combat this, I utilized my readings, such as James Tate, Marvin Bell as well as Addonizio to create poetry that stood out from the page and ultimately create “good poetry.”
For example, in the draft “The Coffee Perspective,” I attempted to install improvements to the imagery. This language present in this poem was sometimes overly dramatic and lacking the senses. In James Tate essay, he states “One of the things that matter is the relationship of all the parts and elements of the poem to each other” (Introduction Page 19). In Addonzio’s Ordinary Genius, Addonizio state’s,” trying to be dramatic, you may become melodramatic. On the other hand, you may pull back so far that the reader has no idea why he or she could care. Finding the balance takes time.” (Ordinary Genius Page 179) Both Addonzio’s and James Tate’s statement could apply to both of my poems. “Coffee Perspective’s” six stanza was especially dramatic “His Iron hand grips my chest Gradually tearing my torso and piercing my…

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