Analysis Of Intimate Apparel

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Intimate apparel can be described as a woman 's struggle during the twentieth century to either accept a role by her husband 's side; happy or not, as he was the breadwinner. Or to become independent and pursue career and life goals which for most women of the time didn 't end well.

Intimate Apparel focuses on Esther, a thirty year old African American woman I believe Lynn Nottage wanted to be viewed as strong until her heart became weary for love. I believe this about Esther because, up until the point where she received the letter from George: who would soon be her husband; Esther was focused on opening her own seamstress shop. She planned on opening an upscale shop which supplied the most beautiful fabrics and ambiance for her clients as
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Esther 's sewing machine is removed from the desk, replaced with a bottle of alcohol and bright white lights shine down on the actresses as the scene becomes the home of Mrs. Van Buren. Mrs. Van Buren although an elite upper class white woman of the time envied the possibilities of Esther 's freedom as a single woman due to her unhappiness with her husband, although she never told Esther. Nevertheless, Esther has come to Mrs. Van Buren 's home to deliver a new corset which at first glimpse Mrs. Van Buren believes it 's too risqué, but after Esther tells her, "it 's all the rave in Paris and at the negro clubs," Mrs Van Buren was more than delighted to purchase. The silk corset draped with beads along the rim presented a "push-up" image for Mrs. Van Buren 's cleavage which Esther ensured would have her husbands hands all over her. As beautiful as it was, the topic of the conversation was bound to switch from Mrs. Van Buren 's corset to Esther 's life. She asks Esther is there a reason that doesn 't make corsets for herself. Esther responds with the her usual, "corsets are for customers," in which Mrs. Van Buren practically responds, "how do you expect to have the interest of a man." As the conversation goes on, Esther mentions her letter from George she received in scene one from Ms. Dickson, but couldn 't read due to fact that Esther was unable to read or write. Mrs. Van Buren filled with excitement at the thought of Esther 's romance asked to read Esther 's letter to Esther. Esther agreed as she grabbed the letter out her brown duffle bag that lay beside the bed. From this, I concluded that Mrs. Van Buren was meant to represent the women who accept their gender role in society which has possibilities of having a negative outcome from which the woman may feel less of herself. Unfortunately, for Mrs. Van Buren divorce wasn

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