I Wish They Do It Right Analysis

In Jan Doe,” I Wish They Do It Right,” she discusses how her son and his (girlfriend) have lived together for 7 years without actually getting legally married. With a kid, which is going to be a heavy responsibility for them. From my side I disagree with Doe because generations are different from other generations. Doe point of view might be different from her son point of view. Therefore, she needs to understand that the age gap between her and her son is going to be at least 25 years, and in those years a lot changes has appeared in this world. The younger you are, the more open you are going to be in this community. As the story has mentioned in the 13th paragraph,” California has declared that while couples living together in imitation …show more content…
Generation from generation have a different critical way in thinking and in making choices. This is why sometimes we might find some relationship difficulties between sons and parents. It 's totally fine to see some conflicts in the family because parents are probably older than their children for about 20 years old. Parents have seen and went through a lot in their life. Never forget that their community lifestyle was way different from nowadays. It might be little hard sometimes for them to understand what children nowadays are going through. Nevertheless, parents had the most experience in life so it 's nice sometimes to listen to them and take their advice. Doe expresses,” I have resolved that problem for myself, bypassing their omission, introducing her as she is, as my daughter-in-law” (594). What Doe has done is amazing because she used to always complain about her son relationship and how does she not understand how they agreed not to get legally married, in other words it did not make sense for her. At the end Doe started realizing that these couple’s lifestyle and the way they think is different from her generation. So she stepped out of this relationship and found a solution that will keep the couple safe from any trouble and at the same time she will soothe her mind from putting a lot of

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