Analysis Of ' I Lay Dying ' Essay

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As I Lay Dying can be considered an incongruous comedy, with irony playing the key role in creating the humor present in the piece. Though the catalyst for the story is the death of a main character, and though the title in itself suggests a morbid theme, there are moments that allow for the reader to laugh throughout the entire novel. The grotesqueness of the central idea and the way in which the Bundren family pursues Addie’s last wish is laughable, at times. In a critical essay, “Schroeder also discusses the novel in relation to the ‘frustrated funeral,’ a type of Southwestern story that used humor to reduce death to comic and manageable proportions” (As). Faulkner presents an incongruous comedy. The idea of an incongruous comedy is that the audience laughs at things they find out of place. This laughter and the humor that the reader finds in some of the ironic situations Faulkner portrays make it easier to go along with the depressing theme of death. For example, the story begins with Darl and Jewel, two of Addie’s children, coming upon Cash, another one of Addie’s sons, sawing away at the wood out of which he is making Addie’s casket. Cash relentlessly works on the casket, and right outside Addie’s window. It is ironic how Addie, still breathing and trying to hold on, lies right by the window, where she can hear the sound of the rushed saw, which represents how everyone has accepted that she will not live longer than a few days. Addie dies shortly after the beginning of…

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