Analysis Of Homer 's The Odyssey Essay

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Throughout The Odyssey, Homer enlightens us in the tribulations Odysseus faces as he fights to return home to his loving wife and son. He uses his mind and cunning abilities to outwit the creatures he encounters along the way. As we follow his travels, he faces many different types of women. Including Athena-the protector, Penelope-the loving wife, and Calypso-the devastatingly beautiful goddess-nymph.. These women are all so different, yet all so alike as well. Homer illustrates the importance of women in The Odyssey by describing the roles in vivid detail of these different women and how each of them is treated in relation to the men of the epic. He shows us a goddess whose only goal is to protect a mortal, even though she must do so in the form of a male, a loving, yet deceitful wife who is treated as though she is property, and a beautiful and seductive goddess-nymph through whom we learn of the sexist views of the gods. Although the men in this epic are important, Homer illustrates that these women are equally important and play a big role in the epic as a whole. The first woman that we are introduced to is Athena-the goddess of wisdom, and the protector of Odysseus. In book one, when the gods first meet to discuss what they should do about Odysseus’s struggles, Athena speaks up and says to Zeus, “Olympian Zeus, / have you no care for him in your lofty heart? / Did he never win your favor with sacrifices / burned beside the ships on the broad plain of Troy? / Why,…

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