Analysis Of Henrik Ibsen 's ' A Doll 's House ' Essay

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The play A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen is an amazing piece of work and is considered to be the father of modern drama. This work was one of the first plays that used dramatic plots and developed characters to entertain an audience, which has greatly influenced how many plays were made afterwards. In his play Ibsen creates developed characters that develop and change throughout the play and a main plot as well as other smaller plots that are each unique and somewhat dramatic. Ibsen ended the play with Nora choosing her own freedom and independence over her family and leaving to search for understanding of the world, but is she truly becoming independent? On many aspects Nora is truly becoming self reliant by being able to leave Torvald and by searching for wisdom and understanding, however, she is also becoming more reliant on Dr. Rank’s fortune to support her new endeavors.
One of the main obstacles holding Nora back was her husband, Torvald. Torvald was the man of the house and had was soon to be the new manager of the bank. Torvald constantly demoralized Nora by giving her nicknames such as his little squirrel, his little featherbrain, and his little spendthrift. He also made her act like a child and treated her not as a person but as a piece of property. Torvald is greedy and selfish, and Nora finally understood his true feelings when he discovered the letter and only worried about what would become of himself. When Nora decided to leave one of the major factors in this…

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