Analysis Of Henrik Ibsen 's A Doll 's House Essays

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Obsession with Reputation
Earning respect and having a good reputation are very important in society. A lot of effort is put forth to maintain a good report and to be admired by peers. Many of the characters of Ibsen’s A Doll’s House have either a good standing in society and will do anything to maintain it, or they have lost their good standing and will do anything to regain it. Nora Helmer, Nils Krogstad, and Torvald Helmer are the greatest examples of how this obsession can affect one’s actions. Henrik Ibsen’s character development in A Doll’s House molds the theme of respect and reputation present throughout the play.
Nora Helmer is not obsessed with her own reputation, rather she works hard to maintain that of her family. Ibsen uses Nora to represent the traditional gender roles of women in the 19th century where women were expected to be submissive and no respect was given to them. Nora also has no respect for herself; for example, she refers to herself as her husband’s “. . . squirrel [who] would skip about and play all sorts of tricks” (Doll’s act 2). By submitting to her husband, however, she is protecting his reputation as a strong man. It is revealed to the reader that before the time of the play, Nora had committed the crime of forgery in order to receive money needed to save her husband Torvald’s life. Nora is later blackmailed by the man who lent her the money, Krogstad, because he has heard that Torvald plans to fire him. Nora seeks to save the reputation of…

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