Analysis Of Helen Longino 's Theory Of Scientific Enquiry Essay

911 Words Dec 11th, 2016 4 Pages
Helen Longino is a feminist epistemologist who argues that in order to reduce the chance of having subjective beliefs and have more objective knowledge, we must expand our epistemic communities. I think that Longino‚Äôs solution is more palatable than either foundationalism or coherentism. An epistemic community is the community that we hold our beliefs in. By expanding that community, there are more inputs on certain beliefs. If I have a belief that coincides with my epistemic community, but my community consists of people who have the same biases, our viewpoint is limited and, therefore, may be false. If I have a community that is large and diverse, there is a better chance that my bias will be addressed by others in the community. Longino argued that scientific enquiry had a very biased epistemic community. She claimed that most of the scientific community were privileged white men. This limited epistemic community lead to many biases, and as Longino would say, subjective beliefs. A solution to the bias in the scientific epistemic community would be to include different marginalised or minority groups, such as women and people of non-binary genders, people of colour, people in the LGBTQ+ community, and people with disabilities, to name a few communities whose voices were not present, and, in some cases, still not present in the scientific enquiry epistemic community. By having a new voice that is not normally present in any given community, many new insights are available,…

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