Essay about Analysis Of Hedda Gabler By Henrik Ibsen

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Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen is a play about the title character marrying a middle class man who she finds dull and uninteresting. In an attempt to make her life more interesting, she begins to wreak havoc in the lives of others. Due to this, many people argue that Hedda is a character to hold contempt for. However, this isn 't the case. Hedda is a character to have sympathy for because due to the expectations of society, she has to give up her freedom and live a life that she doesn 't want.

The first reason why Hedda is a character worthy of sympathy is because she’s forced to give up her freedom due to society’s view of women. An ideal Victorian woman was expected to love and obey her husband, take care of her children and to remain ignorant about anything outside traditional feminine values. This clashes with Hedda’s personality because it’s evident that she dislikes her husband, George Tesman. When Judge Brack had asked her why she married him, she stated: “I had positively danced myself tired, my dear Judge. My day was done” (Act II, Pages 27-28). Hedda realized that as she was getting older, time was running out for her to find a husband. If she failed to do this, people would begin to look down and her and think something was wrong with her. Unlike her other admirers, Tesman had offered to provide for her, which is why she finally agreed to marry him. In terms of children, Hedda makes it very clear that she has no interest in bearing any. When someone even…

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