Analysis Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare Essay

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“Hamlet” is a grim play about greed, betrayal, revenge, and death written by William Shakespeare, “Hamlet” is Shakespeare’s most tragic play he ever written. “Hamlet” describes the story Prince Hamlet who finds out his father, King Hamlet was murdered by his uncle; King Claudius who married Queen Gertrude; when King Hamlet reemerges as a ghost. Ghost Hamlet reveals he wants his son to avenge his death. When Prince Hamlet received the new shocking information he then had an elaborate plan to kill King Claudius which causes nothing but turmoil and death at the end. Initially, when I finished the reading of “Hamlet” my emotional response was depressing because of how Shakespeare deciding to end the story. Many people will have their interpretation of what Shakespeare’s themes and images are and what the meanings are, but the emotional response should somewhat be the same which is mournful or any feeling besides happy honestly. Being sure your play’s audience emotional response is the same as yours is a very important element of script writing because when the audience is feeling the way you want them to, it is telling you that the script is well thought out and does not need to be fixed. Assuming that Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” is a tearjerker, he would want the result of the play to come off as such to his audience without forcing the feeling. However, what if when the play is over and the audience emotional response is somewhat more upbeat than gloomy, then Shakespeare…

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