Analysis Of Grimm 's ' Brothers Grimm ' Essay

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Brothers Grimm Whenever I think of a stepmother, I think of an evil woman who only cares about her looks, her wealth,and maybe her own children. A stepmother never cares about the child of the person she married to. A stepmother’s main goal in life is to make her new family’s life a living hell. If you are reading this introduction and agree with my first three sentences, you may be a victim of peer pressure in the literature world. The idea that all stepmothers are evil, is a stereotype introduced to most of us through fairy tales , mainly written by the Brothers Grimm,we were told as children. The Brothers Grimm cared more about popoularity than the integrity of their stories. Almost all of us have heard about the evil stepmother who tried to kill Snow White, because she wanted to be the fairest in the land, right? did you know that in the original story of Snow White the mother never dies? Who is the evil woman trying to kill Snow White then if there is no evil stepmother? The answer may surprise you.Originally, Snow White’s mother tries to kill her. In 1812, the Grimm Brothers published a book filled with German stories orally passed down from generation to generation.The Brothers wanted to preserve the stories as best the could because being oral stories no doubt means they were altered, embellished, and changed throughout the years. They published the stories exactly as they were told and received many harsh words from parents and churches because the stories…

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