Analysis Of Goethe 's ' Faust ' Essay

2077 Words Dec 8th, 2016 9 Pages
Julian Brown
Professor Brevik
World Literature
1 December 2016
Goethe’s Faust One story from this semester that intrigued me the most was Goethe’s Faust There were so many things in the story that kept the reader engaged. There were themes in the play that keeps the reader thinking all throughout the story. I personally feel like this story was a head of its time because there are movies today with a similar storylines and ideas. Good vs Evil played a big part of this story. A man gets bored with his life and knowledge. He urges for more knowledge. He shows signs of obsession throughout the play of gaining knowledge. The greed is really what hurt him that leads him to concoct a poison that will take his life. Before he takes the potion he gets the option to make a deal with the devil. From the beginning of time everyone knows that making deals with the devil never pan out for the good. The devil always shows the positives when making deal but never shows the negative so the person doesn’t agree to it. Eventually as time dwindles away Faust realizes that he made a mistake making this deal. Like the other plays we have read like Oedipus Rex a lot of these characters do not have free will. In Oedipus Rex he didn’t have free will from birth but in this story Faust didn’t have free will once he made that deal with the devil. Faust has an idea that he has free will because he knows for 24 years he can do whatever he wants but at the end of that term he has to do what he…

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