Analysis Of Gish Jen 's ' Who 's Irish? Essay

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In the Gish Jen’s short story "Who 's Irish?," the main character is a determined Chinese woman who moved to America and now, in her old age, she is nearing her limits when she cannot handle her granddaughters behavior and how she is being raised. The story was writing in 1956 and while reading it I became interesting in knowing about gender inequality in China and if it has changed in the last several decades. Noted in the short story, the women was feared by her husband and other men because she was “fierce.” Not many Chinese women were independent and could make lives for themselves, duo to them being considered the lower gender and having little to no education. It was common for men in China to receive education, while women were confined to their homes. So with this in mind, I decided to look into gender inequality in education in China and how it has changed through economic growth, urban and rural areas, parents’ expectations, and the one-child policy.
Like the rest of the world, gender inequality in education has been a large problem in China, but scholars have noted that it in the last several decades’ gender inequality has been decreasing because of economic growth. Dong Qiang et al. states that through their research findings, they have discovered that males were more likely to have higher education and that the inability to read or write was commonly found in females, but now, thanks to economic growth the differences between male and female education…

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