Analysis Of Gilman 's ' The Yellow Wallpaper '

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The setting is extremely powerful when portraying a story. The description and the details are important for a reader who is not able to physically perceive the set and everything that is included. For that reason, when the author describes the setting he/she tries to give as much detail to convey the readers the atmosphere. Once the atmosphere is detected, at that time the reader can begin to uncover the mood and feelings. The Yellow Wallpaper is a wonderful example of where the author provides great detail in the setting. Accordingly, when reading the description of the places the narrator was taking me too, I have acquired a sense of the place and was able to determine my mood. Therefore, throughout my paper I will convey how the author Gilman’s detailed setting impacted me and how other articles aided me in realizing the objects meanings.
When I read the following line “a colonial mansion, a hereditary estate, I would say a haunted house” (Perkins Gilman 151) from The Yellow Wallpaper, my mind was lead to a dark and mysterious setting. The reference to a haunted house provided the story with a gothic reference. For that reason, I believed that the story was going to be dark, chilling, and cryptic. The haunted house as the author refers to is the main setting. Gilman’s description of the setting allowed myself as the reader to imagine vividly where the narrator was and what she saw. For Gilman to begin her story with an image of a haunted house I believe speaks about her…

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