Essay on Analysis Of George Saunder 's ' Escape From Spiderhead '

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George Saunder’s “Escape from Spiderhead” from his collection of short stories entitled Tenth of December tells the story of Jeff and several other high-risk criminals who have volunteered to serve out their sentence being experimented on. The criminals give up control over their bodies and minds, allowing researchers to release different chemicals into their brains from their “MobiPak.” These chemicals affect everything from the criminal’s speech, emotions, decision making, and physical sensations. After making love to two women consecutively, (on a drug that makes him actually fall in love with them) Jeff is forced to watch the women suffer through the effects of a torturous chemical, Darkenfloxx, in order for the researchers to see if Jeff has any lingering feelings towards the girls. However, after seeing the first woman kill herself because she could not stand the effects of Darkenfloxx, Jeff refuses to watch the other woman be tortured and ends up releasing the drug from his own MobiPak and dying. Probably one of the reasons why I enjoy this story so much is because it is so different from my own writing. Balancing evenly the protagonist’s internal and external world, Saunder’s manages to combine subtle, authentic detail with continuous action and movement. I often feel my greatest downfall as a writer is that my stories lack… well, a story. I spend so much time focusing on the small details that I forget to actually make the characters do something. Saunders clearly…

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