Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' Orwell ' Essay

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Orwell, George. 1984: A Novel. New York, NY: Signet Classic, 1961. Print.
George Orwell: 1903-1950
1984 is a stylistic example of the modernism era because the novel characterizes social unrest and shows societal failure with the rise of new totalitarian governments.
Key Quotations:
“WAR IS PEACE; FREEDOM IS SLAVERY; IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH” (4). This is the slogan of the Party and it appears throughout the novel. It is also an example of “doublethink”, the act of believing contradicting ideas simultaneously. Although Oceania is at a constant state of war, the people are acting like there is peace as well, hence they can easily switch from one emotion to the other, in accordance to what the Party asks of them. “Freedom is slavery” acts as a discouragement for anyone seeking freedom while “Ignorance is Strength” encourages the people to accept as a fact everything the Party tells them. For example, even when there is a shortage of boots, they are convinced that there is an abundance because the Party says so. This quote shows that the people can be convinced because the Party repeats this everyday.
“You had to live-did live, from habit that became instinct-in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every moment scrutinized” (3). In Winston Smith’s world, he never knows when he is being watched, or when he is being listened to. Having to censor your every word and movement in fear of repercussions is a terrifying thought. Not only does…

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