Analysis Of George Orwell 's Orwell ' 1984 ' Essay

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There Is Only Power Everything is black and white. There are no colors, not even shades in between. There are no blurred lines, no confusion, or question of what is and is not. Only what is known exists. Anything beyond that is not of import. All decisions are made, orders are given and they should be followed to the letter without hesitation. Loyalty only belongs to those who are in charge. There is an assembly of people, one behind another, behind another, behind another. In front marches the leader. A face and a voice that commands all movements - step by step in a perfect line. To think, to inquire, to desire is to walk out of that line - it is to disobey. Then, emptiness. There is nothing because disobedience is death. This is the world in George Orwell’s 1984. It illustrates a nation, Oceania, during a time of war, which is run by an oligarchy, the Party, that controls all the actions and thoughts of its people, using Big Brother as a symbol of authority. Their goal is not to have an efficient country for wartime. In fact, they hardly care for the war itself. What they want is power, only pure power and nothing else. The Party uses many techniques to stay in control; however, its most efficient method is brainwashing. The Party keeps the public ignorant of what is actually happening. They do so by controlling the information that is given to the public. The information is altered to benefit Big Brother and the Party. O’Brien says, “Already we know almost literally…

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