Essay about Analysis Of George Marshall 's ' The Marshall Plan '

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Eitan Schiller
Dr. Sclar
History Paper- Final Draft
May 18, 2015 The Marshall Plan

On June 5, 1947 Secretary of State George Marshall spoke at the Harvard graduation. The speech he gave would come to mark the turning point in American history. Marshall proposed a plan that would offer billions of American dollars to distraught European countries thereby establishing an unprecedented level of US peacetime involvement in European affairs. This plan to “save” Europe was called the Economic Relief Program (ERP) better known as the Marshall Plan. Many at the time thought that this Plan was a true outstretched arm to help all European countries, however looking back it becomes clear that there was an ulterior motive when George C. Marshall delivered the speech. At the time the popularity of the communist party was growing not only in Soviet Union Russia but also throughout Europe. This expansion of Communism was an apparent threat to the American way of life, of democracy and more importantly Capitalism. The United States’s plan to save their way of life was the institution of The Marshall Plan. The United States created the Marshall plan as a mechanism to fight the Soviet Union’s aggressive push for communism and to maintain the dominance of democracy and more importantly Capitalism within Europe. At the conclusion of the deadliest war in history, World War II, Europe was left in shambles, and devastation was prevalent throughout. Wartime bombings from both the Axis and…

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