Analysis Of ' Frost At Midnight ' By Samuel Coleridge Essay example

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Within “Frost at Midnight,” Samuel Coleridge validates the importance of self-reflection through solitude. Coleridge creates a scenic image of the world around the speaker during the time of his solitude. During his time alone, the speaker reflects about his childhood and the aspiration he has for the infant child sleeping in the cottage. The importance of solitude demonstrated in “Frost at Midnight” by the feelings the speaker has, the time intervals from present to past, and the speaker’s self-reflection during his time alone. All these specific purposes are to show how the speaker moves from being uncomfortable with solitude to being hopeful and optimistic about the opportunity he has being alone during reflection.
The feelings associated with being in solitude are manifested from beginning to end in “Frost at Midnight.” The speaker moves from being uncomfortable with the silence that solitude possesses to then having feelings of pleasure and calmness. For instance, Coleridge introduces the speaker’s sensory experience with what he is hears and feels. The speaker hears “the owlet’s cry/Come loud-and hark again!” (line 2-3) and he hears the “fluttered on the grate” (lines 15); however, the impression is that it is “so calm, that it disturbs/And vexes meditation with its strange” (line 8-9). Therefore, the speaker identifies that the feelings of solitude and contemplation are strange to him. However, after the reflection of his childhood the speaker’s perspective of the…

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