Analysis Of Frank Mccourt 's ' Angela 's Ashes ' Essay examples

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The Misfortune of Frank McCourt

In the novel, Angela’s Ashes, Frank McCourt endures a tough life. From having to deal with the many deaths of the ones closest to him, to having to cope with him and his family going with being poor, Frank has dealt with it all. The mere thought of a young child having to experience such horrific events in his early years alone is something too unbearable to imagine. Throughout his life, he has come face to face with a mass amount of demons. Three obstacles that make Frank McCourt’s life difficult are poverty, having an alcoholic father, and the death of his loved ones. Poverty is one of the key elements that makes Frank’s life so arduous. Poverty is limiting Frank’s childhood to being an exceptional one. There are a series of times where Frank goes without food in his stomach for several days. This links to his family being poor and not being able to afford to provide food for themselves. The failure of him and his family having food to eat every night may lead to malnourishment, and malnourishment can lead to an illness, which can cause death like it has in some cases in the novel. With the McCourt’s being poor they also face not having any roof over their heads in some instances. For example, when the McCourt’s traveled from New York to Ireland, they have nowhere to go. Luckily, they have family that they stay with for a few days before having to leave. When they leave they rent out a small room with one bed for the six of them. This…

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