Analysis Of Flesh And Blood So Cheap By Albert Marrin

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Did you know fire extinguishers were made in the 1818’s? So why did the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory not come with any? The owners and building constructors were not very prepared with all the safety regulations. This is because all the workers were in danger every day they worked. Not all of them could have gotten out of the building in case of an emergency. In the text Flesh and Blood So Cheap by Albert Marrin, there is many explicit and implicit evidence. This evidence proves there was a lack of safety standards that led to the Triangle fire tragedy.
First of all, the first piece would implicit a would be the title Flesh and Blood So Cheap. This title shows that human life was not valued by the owners because the fire safety standards were not inadequate to protect the workers. This is implied from the title because it's not all stated directly in the text you have to imply and compare it to the meaning which is that human life was not valued. The next piece of implicit evidence would be in paragraph 6, “There were no lights in the stairway, so they had to grope their way in darkness.” This would be implied as a safety hazard which can
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People might think it was also the building owners fault because of the way the building was built. It did not meet any safety standards so the employees were always endangered. In paragraph 6 it says that the staircase was to narrow so not many people could go down. Also when people were trying to go down the stairs they had to grope their way because there were no lights. Thye might also say that it was the firefighter's fault because the nets weren’t sturdy enough and the ladder they used to get to the people only went to the sixth floor and there were nine floors. But just because others played part in this disaster, this does not mean that the business owner was not guilty

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