Analysis Of Fences By August Wilson Essay

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America blossomed in the 1950’s. The economy was booming; household gadgets, like refrigerators, were becoming more widely available, and suburbs developed, separating people from the chaos of a city and creating a small-town environment. As the middle class of the suburbs expanded, however, so did the widening division between the white and black opportunities. Blacks were left without the prospects whites had to improve their lives. This inequality created tension within the black community as some searched for any outlet to gain control over their lives. In his play, Fences, American playwright August Wilson describes one man’s desperate fight for power in his life. However, by forcing power over his family, the man loses them. Only negative consequences arise as he searches for power. In Wilson’s Fences, Troy Maxson’s lack of societal power causes him to force intimate power within his family, but instead of gaining power, Troy loses the influence he held over his family showing that intimate power cannot replace societal power. Troy uses paternal influence over his son Cory to gain power in their relationship, compensating for his lack of societal power, but Troy’s actions cause Cory to lose respect for his father, leaving Troy powerless. As Cory prepares for his life outside of the house, his father attempts to control Cory’s options. Troy uses Cory as a source of power in the working community since he has no power in his own job. Troy works as a garbage…

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