Analysis Of Erikson 's Third Stage Of Psychosocial Development

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Industry vs. Inferiority

According to Erikson 's fourth stage of psychosocial development, “Industry versus Inferiority,” children from age six to eleven are curious about how things are made and how they work, they develop a sense of mastery and competence. I am now six years old and I am experiencing “industry” because I am extremely curious about the world around me. I am finally in school, in order to satisfy a great deal of my curiosity. I always asks my parents and my teachers the curiosity question, “what is this made of?” I have successfully earned the nickname Curious Jessie, since my parents are now tired of all my silly questions. My mother and I are in Walmart and I see a huge advertising balloon outside. Of course, I ask my mom what it is made of and she tells me that is it made of air, rubber and latex. I honestly have no notion of what she is talking about, however I am not going to tell her because I know that I will be called Curious Jessie.

I am now nine years old and I am in the third grade, learning numerous things about the world I live in. In my current class, which is math, we are learning the multiplication tables. Many of my classmates come to me for help because they know that I enjoy studying mathematics and I am the master of simple multiplication. My parents are overjoyed because I am above the class with the highest grade in the class and I receive an A on each test I take. I also really enjoy playing soccer and various games with…

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