Analysis Of Eleanor & Park By Rainbow Rowell Essay

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Two Against The World Honesty about the ugliness in life is very important, because it gives shape and meaning to many important stories. For young adults who actually experience difficult and painful things, it seems straightforwardly acknowledging that these things exist in the world. In the novel Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell two 16 year olds feel very lost, but they soon begin to find comfort in music, books, and each other. The author illustrates many situations with bullying, abuse, and racial controversy. The two protagonists fall in love, and being loved makes them feel less lost. They 're both wonderful, smart, and kind kids who become so precious to the readers. If readers take anything away from this story, it 's not likely to be the breaking news that there are bullies, jerks, and bad words in the world. It 's more likely that readers will take away the idea that the people that show up in life, and show love, respect, and wisdom may be the one and only thing that matters. That 's what this book is about. Eleanor & Park should be available to 8th graders in libraries because it 's an enjoyable novel for young adults that illustrates many real life situations that can inspire teenagers.
Eleanor & Park would be a great book to keep available to 8th graders in libraries because of the so called negative profanity in this book, which many parents have reviewed the book and said they were "assaulted" in the opening pages, is not profanity that comes from the main…

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