What Is The Difference Between Jekyll And Hyde

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There is good and evil in everyone, but Dr. Jekyll takes it too far as he turns the two into separate identities. There is no perfectly good human in this world, they will all have flaws with some being worse than others. With good balancing out bad, people are able to control themselves to not go after every pleasure they may desire. However, if one were to separate the two it would result in a completely different person with no control over their unvirtuous actions. This is what Henry Jekyll has done, by creating Edward Hyde he has allowed the evil part of him to roam freely filling any desires he might have. Mr. Hyde stopped at nothing to get what he wanted while Dr. Jekyll was more inclined to being a decent human being. If one such as Jekyll were to separate the right and wrong of themselves, it …show more content…
Jekyll, would have been there he could have stopped the horrendous acts. Since Henry Jekyll is the good side of the two identities, he would know that Hyde’s acts were not virtuous. Knowing this, he would be able to stop him from worsening the situation by showing reason. Unfortunately that is not the case and the two share the same body, but not the same mind, so they never truly meet. Since they are never together, they are unable to reason with each other and they could never find the proper solution. Instead Jekyll must clean up after Hyde’s misdeeds, unable to stop them from happening in the first place. Eventually Jekyll realizes his mistakes in creating the separate “evil twin” and thus decides to make a sacrifice. In order to stop the violent acts, he must be rid of the source of the problem entirely. Dr. Jekyll is aware that “he [Hyde] fears my power to cut him off by suicide” (Stevenson 121). So his solution is to end it all in order to stop the madness caused by the terrible Hyde. There cannot be good without evil, in order for Dr. Jekyll to be rid of the horrible Edward Hyde he would have to kill the body they

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