Analysis Of ' Dead Poet 's Society ' Essay

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Dead Poet’s Society is a movie about a group of upper-class rich kids and their new English teacher John Keating. The young adults’ career paths have been sketched out before birth by their over-powering, rich parents. John Keating faces the task of building a bridge of thought to direct each student to self-image, self-determination, and passion. He does this by breaking the traditional way and employing an innovative and effective teaching style.
Keating implemented modeling in to the classroom in a very unorthodox assertive way. To understand Keating’s approach, one needs to understand there is a common misconception with the method of modeling. People believe modeling is the same as demonstrating, but there is a great difference between the two. Demonstration is docile, or an unassertive type of lecture, whereas modeling is the opposite. It is active and very much assertive. Acquiring this knowledge, one can recognize how the method of modeling can help students learn. Keating went against the traditional way of teaching and applied class discussions, encouraged free-mind thinking, and personal interests. This method invigorated the students to be accountable and self-directed. This in turn, motivates the students – opens each of their minds and they begin to take in new information. The students begin to learn the material.
Observational/vicarious learning or social learning theory encourages many positive and negative outcomes. According to Wikipedia, observational…

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