Analysis Of David Williamson 's ' Let The Sunshine ' Essay

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Directors Note
Callum Langdon
What a privilege it is to work with David Williamson on his 2009 masterpiece, Let the Sunshine. I chose to feature it in the 2016 season because it is still relevant especially to young adolescents trying to find their identity and really captures a perfect image of society today. Also because I can relate to the play through personal experience.
The play is set during the global financial crisis and demonstrates the effects of it on one of the couples. Let the Sunshine explores the relationship of two families living in Noosa and Sydney; Toby and Ros – left wing documentary makers and book sellers, trying to point out the flaws in capitalism – and Ron and Natasha – the complete opposite, right wing opinions with the ideas of exploiting people for money – who have passed their values onto their children, Rick and Emma. This results in them living up to these expectations, although when they meet by accident they end relating to each other and share the same issue in their search for identity. Both these characters are at a fork in the road in where their career is taking them. Each one of them essentially balance each other out and opens them to change, questioning their original beliefs.
My motivation
I was immediately motivated to direct Let the Sunshine when presented with the opportunity. This is because of its portrayal of the characters ideas which are still contemporary in 2016 and its personal connection. Let the Sunshine is still…

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