Essay on Analysis Of Dante 's ' The Inferno '

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Throughout The Inferno, the first section in Dante 's three part epic poem The Divine Comedy, there are many examples of symbolism. This is seen in a variety of things. From the use of the three animals that Dante meets to the relationship between Dante and Virgil. However, the most prominent use of symbolism in this epic poem is Dante 's use of the journey through hell as a symbol of every man and woman 's own personal darkness. This is the darkness where they begin to sin. Only, in hell, their sins are reflected in the punishments they are forced to serve. Everyone, at some point in their life, sins and it is at that moment when a man or woman turns down the path of sin that Dante explores through using the journey in his Inferno. This can be seen not only through the use of irony in regards to the punishment each sinner faces, but also in the way he sets up hell so that each level is further and further away from the sky. The fact that despite all the sins in hell there is a way to get to heaven even for the darkest souls, and the punishment faced by stagnant people is another use of the journey motif. As Dante travels through the circles of hell, the reader is struck by the irony that the punishment fits the sin. This is seen when looking at the souls punished for the sin of gluttony. In Canto 6, Dante and Virgil visit the third circle of hell where the gluttonous are punished. These sinners are punished not with the eternal fire and brimstone that is so commonly…

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