Essay about Analysis Of Conrad 's Heart Of Darkness

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In an imperialistic world, to survive is to protect oneself, a lesson in which Marlow learns during his travels. Without the protection of anyone, all he has is himself. All the characters in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness play a role, yet their identity and their role is obscure to the readers. This novella explores many issues all relating back to imperialism, and it is imperialism that causes the uncertainty in the social ranking. As Marlow travels down the river, he encounters the torture and cruelty bestowed on the slaves. This depicts the ruthlessness of capitalism. Yet, later on the men who work for the Company speak about the treatment of slaves as civilizing them. This portrays the men’s belief of being superior, and lead the readers in believing that the natives are truly barbaric and savages. However, once Kurtz emerges in the book, the reader’s perspective is influenced and leaves the readers confused. As the reader continues to read, the social classes become more and more muddled.
Throughout the book, Marlow sees and hears many strange customs. Naive and confused, he doesn’t know his own identity or the world’s global hybridity, until his aunt gets him a job as a captain of a steamboat. The uncertainty and absurdity involved with his adventure is quite bizarre. His aunt seems to be in a higher social class than him, since she was able to find him a job. She says, “It will be delightful. I am ready to do anything, anything for you. It is a glorious idea. I know…

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