Analysis Of Conrad 's Heart Of Darkness Essay

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In Joseph Conrad, novella, “Heart of Darkness”, there are quite a few types of darkness depicted. There is the literal darkness, due to nature, the darkness of ones skin, and most importantly the darkness of ones soul.. Conrad tells the tale of not only colonialism in Africa during 1890s, but how a journey deep into the jungle can ultimately bring out the potential “darkness” within anyones soul. The story itself centers around a man by the name of Marlow, who undertakes a journey up the Congo River to meet and bring back a mysterious, but ill man named Kurtz. As Marlow travels up the Congo to reach Kurtz, he encounters the widespread horror and plain brutality of colonialism everywhere he looks. The natives of the region have been forced into slave labor by the Belgian Company that Marlow works for, and due to this suffer terribly. Kurtz the supposed man of great abilities, has discarded European values and consequently slipped into a savage state. It is through the experiences of Marlow, that Conrad draws the reader to see just how this is not a simple story of one mans journey into the heart of Africa, but rather how that journey launched by colonialism, made by Marlow and others, not only changes men to treat natives as inhuman and uncivilized, but gives the the evil or “darkness” within every mans soul the ability to take over. At the beginning of the story, Conrad, through Marlow, establishes his views on colonialism, and how it is the instigator of bringing the…

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