Essay on Analysis Of Claude Mckay 's ' America '

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Claude McKay’s poem “America”, expresses his feelings about the USA and describes he uses negative qualities about the country to fuel his own personal ambitions. Although McKay thinks America is great, he thinks that due to its ignorance, it is losing important factors to make it better. Mckay shows this through the use of symbolism of America 's qualities, the structural choice of a Shakespearean sonnet, and the shift of feeling in the last four lines of the poem.
The first line of “America” McKay refers to the USA as “she” (1) to personify the country, and making it clear that this poem is a more personal connection and includes his own feelings towards America. The symbolism that is used throughout the whole poem is first used in the same line explaining how America “feeds” him “bread of bitterness” (1). The “bread” that is mentioned are representative of small instances where McKay dislikes America. The idea of feeding with bread is used around the thoughts of nourishment and sustaining life. When McKay talks about something simple such as this, but with it including the bitter tastes, it shows that America can support and nourish its inhabitants, but not always in a sweet and enjoyable way. McKay continues to use symbolism to show both the power and pressure the US holds in the author 's eyes. the “tiger’s tooth” (2) is an example of power and the fear that McKay feels from America. In the fourth line, despite describing the US as a tiger at his throat, McKay confesses…

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