Analysis Of Christina Rossetti 's Poem ' Goblin Market ' Essay examples

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The analysis of Christina Rossetti’s skilful construction, timeless content, and sophisticated use of language in her poetry provides insight into why her poems are both engaging and highly valued.
Rossetti’s works are highly acclaimed by many modern critics as innovative for her time, due to her commentary on Victorian society and her lyrical gift. She explores many thematic concerns that maintain relevancy in present-day society, including the corrupting influences of the world; the inconstancy of romantic love; and the exploitation and objectification of women by men.
By analysing the construction, content and language of Rossetti’s poetry, it unveils why she continues to be highly regarded by critics today and deepens one’s understanding of textual integrity.

A greater understanding of textual integrity is gained through the analysis of the construction, content and language of Rossetti’s poetry. Many of her poems effectively examine the attractiveness of corrupting influences in the world and the adverse consequences in partaking in them.
Rossetti’s most famous poem ‘Goblin Market’ is an allegorical tale of the power of sisterhood aimed at children, however the language and others’ interpretations suggests deeper themes exists, including those of sexuality and religious redemption.
The “goblin men” early in the poem are shown as “like voices of doves/Cooing all together,” with the animalistic imagery and similes symbolising the false façade of peace they present to…

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