Analysis Of Christina Rosseti 's ' Remember ' Essay

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The poem by Christina Rosseti entitled Remember is about a request made upon a loved one’s death. This poem is a sonnet, which is written in iambic pentameter in the pattern of ABBA ABBA CDDECE. Remember is written from a female’s point of view, but can also be adapted to the male perspective. The speaker’s point of view starts out being fearful, and then changes in to a tone of acceptance. This essay attempts to address the points brought forth by the speaker, as well as to explore the themes and symbolism within the poem.
The central theme revolves: remembering a loved one, which is a juxtaposition of death and love. The poem becomes a multilevel work of art that speaks to the masses, by evoking a plethora of thoughts and emotions. By design, Rosseti includes the themes of: remembrance, death, mortality/immortality, and resignation. “For if the darkness and corruption leave” presents a meaning within a meaning. Instead of asking whether it refers to: his sorrow or death or her fears the reader needs to understand and appreciate that it refers to all of them. Darkness and corruption is also a metaphor for her beloved’s fading memories.
It would be easy for the reader to appreciate the poem using literal interpretation; however, doing so would mean dismissing much deeper meanings that lie below the surface. It is common knowledge that poetry interpretation is subject to each reader’s impression of what the poet is trying to convey. Poetry readers know by the language that…

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