Analysis Of Chris Mccandless 's ' Into The Wild ' And Mirror Essay

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Beliefs, values, laws and attitudes can change the way we see the world through a journey or experience

Journeys are movement through time, spirit and body. Our Journeys can have a lasting impact on our opinions, either positively or negatively affecting the persona, past and present experiences. The power of the journey can realign one’s views on fundamental beliefs, values, and attitudes that have become so natural to them and their lifestyle, thus allowing them to experience worlds from another perspective. How a journey changes a person not only depends on the journey itself but also on the previous experiences of the person. Both texts ‘Into the Wild’ and Mirror explore their unique journeys through strong key concepts but show it in vastly different contexts. Into the Wilds’ Chris McCandless portrays the journeys of converting cultures, from capitalism and materialism to the purest and most natural form of being, disregarding the shackles of the known world. Mirror compares and contrasts two children at the same point in their life journey from two juxtaposed cultural backgrounds. The child within Mirror go through a journey, having his day-to-day lifestyles compared to another child’s culture. Both texts, through their respective literary techniques reveal how the journey can significantly change our perception of the world.

journeys have the capacity to change a person, whether in a positive or a negative manner and this is deeply explored through ‘Into the…

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