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SS 7
1. What evidence is there in the story that Chopin is considered a local color writer? Consider the unique landscape, social customs, and speech.
Chopin was considered a local colored writer because of the language she used in her stories. During that period the people of African descent came from many origins differing in language, custom, and culture. To communicate with each other, they formed a common dialect called Creole (a combination of broken English and African tongue). Chopin, who seems very familiar with Creole, used it in her story. This made it easy to associate her with people of color.

2. How are the time and place of the story perfect in allowing the events to take place.
The time and place was perfect in allowing the events to take place. The storm kept Bibi and Bobinot out of the house at Friedherimer’s store. Also, Calixta was forced to welcome Alcee into her humble home to wait out the storm. While in the house the storm seems like a reflection of Alcee and Calixta passion as they rekindling an old flame with one another. The lasted just enough to allow Calixta and Alcee and enjoy each other then stopped when they were though, allowing Alcee to leave. Soon after, Alcee left Bibi and Bobinot returned.

3. How had Calixta and Alcee known each other before? How involved were they?
The reader knows Calixta and Alcee had known each other when the narrator stated “she had not seen him very often and never alone.” Alcee was Calixta’s pass…

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