Analysis Of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 's ' Americanah ' Essay examples

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Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a novel that follows the life of a young Nigerian woman named Ifemelu living in America who is preparing to return to Nigeria after fifteen years. Throughout her fifteen year stay in America, Ifemelu has undergone many experiences that has drastically changed her perception of society. As the story progresses, Ifemelu describes the struggles she faces in order to survive in America. In order to assimilate into society, she learns to develop an American accent and hairstyle. Amidst these struggles, she encounters many people that allow her to come to the conclusion that an individual’s role of image in society is crucial to their future progression, such as a career. Through the author’s use of characterization of Ifemelu, internal conflicts, and symbolism, Adichie conveys that individuals often refuse to accept the idea that their background is inextricably linked to their identity due to the fear of being rejected by society. However, in reality, their identity is composed of many underlying factors that subconsciously affects their everyday decisions and are crucial to their personality, such as culture, race, and society.
At first glance, the title of the novel does not seem to hold deep significance. However, as readers begin develop a better understanding of the protagonist, Ifemelu, and the struggles she encountered when she moved to America, the meaning behind the Americanah begins to surface. When Ifemelu first arrives to…

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