Analysis Of Charlotte Gilman 's ' The Yellow Wallpaper '

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Yellow Wallpaper Research Paper

“The Yellow Wallpaper” is a gothic short story, written by Charlotte Gilman, who deals with various breakdowns after the birth of her first born baby. The main character is portrayed as insane and can be seen better through the setting, the life behind her story, the cure she needs to overcome her mental illness, the time period, and all around the depression itself that the main character is going through. This short story is a learning factor in women’s mental breakdowns and illnesses. Also, it shows the ways the story sets up the points to where the protagonist is having these breakdowns after the birth of her first born child.

Jane, the main character of the story, is compared to the life behind the author, Charlotte Gilman. Jane, the protagonist, is suffering from a mental depression of Postpartum Depression. According to Paula Treicher, “The Yellow Wallpaper” exposes the unsuccessful treatments imposed on women in the nineteenth century due to the lack of knowledge about the disease. (Treicher). Therefore, the protagonist has a mental disability to where she is basically going crazy. Jane is going through an unstable manner to where she is tearing the wallpaper apart because she is convinced there is a person behind it. Treicher’s opinion is that “she is certainly associating the blankness with freedom” (Treicher). Also, Jane screams: I’ve pulled off most of the paper, so you can not put me back!” (Gilman 36). This shows…

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