Essay about Analysis Of Charlene Enjoys Of Paint And Cook

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Charlene enjoys to paint and cook. She finds painting soothing and relaxing; it is therapy. She can express herself through oils and acrylics. Her painting focuses on landscape art with natural scenery. She is keen on cooking and is professionally trained in culinary arts. She can take a person around the world with her culinary passport. She also enjoys in participating in culinary adventures, which are weekend hands-on cooking classes with different master chefs. She recently took a class in Santa Fe.
She grew up in a strict Christian fundamentalist household and went church three times a week. Although, they were church goers, her family’s actions did not depict the happy Christian home. It was dysfunctional with physical and emotional abuse. Today, she does not attend a particular church. Although she has been searching, she has not found a church she is comfortable with. During this part of the interview, Mabel spoke in a sweet southern accent. She conveyed that she loves God. “All the problems I have, I search my scriptures for the answers. God has succored me through difficult times and in order to heal, I have learned a person must forgive those who harm you. It took me a long time to understand this. How can God forgive me if I cannot forgive others? Forgiveness may the greatest virtue on earth. Besides, vengeance belongs to God, not me.” This segment was ended with a prayer. The prayer was with humility and meekness. She was grateful for all of…

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