Analysis Of Centurion Healthcare Policy On Alcohol And Drugs Essay

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Centurion Healthcare is an institution that highly regards professionalism and the accomplishment of tasks given to the staff. The company has made efforts to ensure that every aspect that may compromise the ability of an individual to perform their tasks to the best of their ability best is dealt with. In line with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), alcohol and drug abuse is considered as a disability in the American workplace; the company acknowledges this. In addition, the Centurion Healthcare policy on alcohol and drugs acknowledges that this condition can be treated in the current health care system and the organization encourages the use of such therapeutic avenue to avoid compromising the work process (Fortner, Martin & Shelton, 2011). This policy targets the mitigation of instances where substance use affects the job performance of individuals or the co-workers. The Centurion Healthcare staff has the responsibility of ensuring that they maintain a healthy working environment.
Scope of the Policy This policy applies to all individuals who are associated with Centurion Healthcare, whether on a permanent or voluntary basis. It is intended to show the procedures to be followed on issues that touch on drug and substance use issues. There are some exceptions to instances where the policy touches on, and these are the times and functions where the organization has alcohol and other intoxicating substances served. The policy prohibits the consumption of alcohol and…

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