Analysis Of Carter 's ' The Miseducation Of The Negro ' Essay

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Intro- Carter G woodson is amongst many well known African Americans in History. Woodson was an African American writer and historian known as “ The Father of Black history month”. He dedicated himself to the field of African-American history, working to make sure that the subject was taught in schools and studied by scholars. He was the author of more than 16 books, his best known book was The Miseducation of the negro, published in 1933 and is still relevant today. He also founded the Association for the study of African American Life and History, the mission was to promote, research, and share information about Black life, history and culture to the global community.

Carter Godwin Woodson was born on December 19, 1875, in New Canton, Virginia, to former slaves, Anna Eliza Riddle Woodson and James Woodson. Woodson was the the seventh of nine children. He worked as a sharecropper and miner to help provide for his family. During woodson 's childhood there were not many schools for african americans,like many young african americans, they were working to help provide for the family. Young woodson was eager to learn, during his breaks from the fields,he attended school in a schoolhouse where his uncles taught . In 1892, the Woodsons moved to Huntington, West Virginia, where Carter and his brothers worked as coal miners to provide for the family. At the age of twenty(1895), he enrolled at Frederick douglass High school, a high school for blacks, where he finished four…

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