Analysis Of Bohm 's ' The First Chapter Of This Book ' Essay

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In the first chapter of this book, Bohm discusses the differences between “making something in common” and “to create something in common”. This is his first of many examples of subtle changes in definitions of words and ideas. In this example, to make something in common is similar to a procedure. There is already an outline on how something is done. To create something in common is a new interpretation between what is said and what is understood. For example, if two people are having a conversation, they will end up with some kind collaboration of what was said between them. This collaboration is composed a type of interference that is caused by both parties not being able to fully understand the other. This is because of their own biases or from past experiences, also known as tacit knowledge. Moving on to the third chapter of this book, Bohm discusses something to what he refers to a collective pool of knowledge. The collective pool of knowledge is all the thoughts that has been passed down from generation to generation. Meaning that if we all have this knowledge that has been passed down for generations, it does not make any one person unique or different. He kind of refers to thought as a living thing the passes through each person. Another point that Bohm makes in this chapter is the observation of thoughts and felts being one process. Our brain has evolved over time, but it hasn’t had the chance to get rid of older functions, such as the fight or flight…

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