Analysis Of Bob Johnson, A Philosopher And Artist Essay

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Let’s be honest here, when driving in our cars, how many of us rolls down our windows to dispose of a wrapper, cigarette, or something of that nature? We tend not to care about the effects our human footprint leaves on earth. The tiniest things leads to the bigger things and stuff like that need to be brought into attention. Bob Johnson, a philosopher and artist set out to promote and produce “Artful Trash Management”. The leading proponent being his “River Cubes” are public display sculptures that creatively harvest waste, especially those in the river streams, and transform the resulting heap into vivid discussions to what us humans produce in waste and leave behind.

Each River Cube has a story to tell and the materials it is made up of have an underlying meaning to why that said material was used. The names of the cubes will be given a name along with the origins. The cubes can relay a message to spectators without saying a word, as it is meant to provoke any thoughts whether happy, sad, or angry. We sit and look and wait for them to tell their story. The creation of the cubes starts with scouting alongside the banks of rivers. With the help of local natives, Bob and his team of volunteers search for junk and trash. Their endeavors seek to attempt to help purify the rivers by removing the local waste that will be used for the River Cubes. After enough trash is collected, Local waste management facilities help by lending their high powered equipment to actually crush…

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