Analysis Of Bharati Mukherjee 's ' American Dreamer ' Essay

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Essay 4
Immigration has become somewhat of a more pressing issues in the recent years. Immigrants from all sorts of directions from the South border of the United States for Mexican and other South American descent to the east coast with a flow coming in from Europe. The culture and society that the citizens of America have come to known stands as a dream for others not native-born into this country. For immigrants nowadays, it is much more difficult to obtain citizenship in the United States than it was about 50 years ago. Bharati Mukherjee elaborates her viewpoint in the writing,” American Dreamer” speaking about her own experiences of the difficulties that she faced when immigrating to the United States and trying to incorporate herself into the American culture. Bharati states “The US exists as a sovereign nation. “America,” in contrast, exists as a myth of democracy and equal opportunity to live by, or as an ideal goal to reach,” which really shows where she stands on the democratic system we have in the US and how hard of a time she had trying to become an accepted citizen in our culture.
Bharati believes that the introduction of new and different culture is good for a country, making it more open-minded and accepting of others. With a larger variety of immigrant culture in a country, she believes that the country gains a better understanding of the world around them so countries should be welcoming immigrants with open arms rather than making citizenship more of a…

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