Essay on Analysis Of Beyonce 's ' The Song ' Lemonade '

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Beyoncé Style Jambalaya:
Beyoncé’s visual album Lemonade goes beyond the supposed emotional turmoil of her marriage with Jay-z. Throughout the album and film, Beyoncé touches on subjects of social injustices and black culture while also incorporating various genres and other successful celebrities. Through Beyoncé’s visual album “Lemonade”, Beyoncé does what any Beyoncé fan (or observer) would expect her to do, she performs greatly to her equally as great music. But not only is “Lemonade” a musical masterpiece, but also a firm demonstration of how Beyoncé is an Unapologetic Black Woman and feminist.
Emotional Turmoil:
Beyoncé begins her album with a prologue “praying to catch” Jay-z “whispering” along with “praying” he’ll actually “catch” her “listening,”. The hypothetical eavesdropping that Beyoncé sings of is one that will catch Jay-z in the act of committing adultery. Beyoncé prays she’ll catch an earful of a conversation between Jay-z and his mistress. This statement infers that a woman’s intuition is Beyoncé’s only evidence leading her to believe that Jay-z is unfaithful. If Jay-z does in fact catch Beyoncé listening, that will signify the elephant in the room. It will force him to put everything on the table and to deal with the consequences of his infidelity. With this, Beyoncé foreshadows the blatant emotional rollercoaster that she’s allowing us, her audience, to ride. With the first emotion of her visual album “Denial” and song “Hold Up”, Beyoncé bursts…

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