Essay about Analysis Of Beyonce Knowles And The Black Panther Party

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As the month of December hits, many people cannot wait for the mess of a year 2016 to be over. There have been many shocking debuts this past year, the most recent, the end of the election where the Electoral College votes were in the favor of Republican candidate Donald Trump. Once that information was released, panic ensued for many people, but this is not the only moment of panic that has occurred this year. In February, the one and only, Beyoncé Knowles, released her new single, “Formation”, which stirred up the pot of moral panic in the music industry. Her new hit single was filled with messages of pride as she willfully sings about her her identity and how she is very proud of it. Shortly after the release of her new single, she performed the number at the Super Bowl halftime performance, where many who were uncomfortable, compared the costumes her and her dancers wore to the Black Panther Party. The Panic of 2016 officially began.
Beyoncé originally started out in an R&B group called Destiny’s Child, and later became a solo artist, not only becoming a very popular musician, but a mogul in her industry. The reason why I chose to write about Beyoncé and her song “Formation” is because the song allowed her to reclaim her social identity from the media and popular culture. There are quite a few concepts this song embodies, including race, ethnicity, gender, and moral panic. The moral panic that Beyoncé created throughout her audience was developed due to how…

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