Chewing The Fat Research Paper

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Beneath the rolls: Chewing the Fat
In America, there has been a rapid growth in child obesity. In Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, they state that Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children in the past 30 years. They also claim that the percentage of children in the aged range 6-11 years in the united states who were obese increased from 7% in 1980 to nearly 18% in 2012 and in the age range of 12-19 years who were obese increased form 5% to nearly 21% over the same period of time. The real question that ponders many is who is really involved and at fault for children obesity. There are many fingers people can point at but there are four main groups that are most likely at blame for children’s obesity. These four
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Some people may ask how does media play a role in this part? Well, media helps promote fast food and so call “healthy and organic” foods. People are very much into social media, some people that what their whole life is based about. When they see that other people like this so call organic food, they start to want to buy it and want it. When in reality this organic food is not even organic at all. Another way to explain what media does is think about a rumor. Yea everyone knows that a rumor is almost all the time lies but yet everyone falls in the trap and believes it. Just like social media, everyone knows that most of the things that is being promoted is a lie but yet every one still believes it. Social media is also a great way to get people’s attention more than half the world is on social media, so it a lot easier to spread food virus. To add to this lie we have people who are experts on using tactics on social media. They know how to get people’s attention on the things they want them to buy and people fall for it. For example, all these info commercials about food, claiming that this brand is now organic or very healthy. One of the biggest tactics they use to get people to buy the product is using two words that is everyone weakness. Those two words are Weight-Loss. When people see that it helps with weight loss automatically people want to buy it. The media know that weight is a huge thing right now and everyone wants to get skinny, so what is one good way for companies to promote their product? Simple by saying that it helps them lose

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