Analysis Of Ben Hanson 's ' The Turtle With No Shell ' Essay

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To begin with the person I interviewed, Ben Hanson, has little to no biological background beyond high school. I decided to interview a person who does not correlate them self with a church or other religious organization. Mr. Hanson has only taken classes that correlate to carpentry post high school because he is a local carpenter that works out of Champaign. Lastly, he was one of those people that never cared about paying attention in school, because he had no will to learn. The teachers passed him in every class because he was on the baseball team. Mr. Hanson is my husband, and I have tried to explain this to him before, so let’s see how much he listened. To begin the conversation I stated that evolution is the change of properties of a population over many generations. I gave the example of the turtle with no shell, and how many years down the road it’s species eventually came to have a fused shell. This was explained using visual aid (the picture from lecture) to help explain the concept. I explained the difference between science and religious beliefs (creationism). I stated that evolution is a scientific fact and that it is historical reality, this is because science has been able to falsify certain ideas and there is scientific proof on certain aspects in evolution, such as extinction. Then I correlated how fossils are used to determine similarity between species. Science is a fact because there are many ways to compare one species to another, which is done by…

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