Analysis Of Bell Hooks 's ' Girl ' Essays

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When hearing the word patriarchy, some might interpret the word by just looking at it as a type of ruling system in a country, while others might have negative connotations. People might interpret it in the violent way of oppression in a government run by men, or dictatorship. In the “Understanding Patriarchy” by Bell Hooks, the author describes patriarchy in violent and negative way, where women have no say, and men say and do as they please in the society. The short story “Girl’ by Kincaid shows how a patriarchy runs, by just giving commandments to someone, and how everyone have predetermined duties in the society just like Hooks suggested, but the intent in this patriarchal dialogue between mother daughter is different than the violent view of the patriarchy by Hooks, because it is for the daughters benefit. A parent has a responsibility to its children. They make sure that they have all they need for the day, for life, all the required tools, to live a stable life. Parents would sacrifice for their children, and help them at any cost. This relationship between a parent and a child is shown in the “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid. The mother gives her daughter instructions on how to live life properly such as “how to catch a fish”, “how to wash clothes”, and etc. The mother went through a whole list of things, with barely any interruption from the daughter, like she will not be able to say this to her later. This shows the importance of her message to her daughter that she…

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